Tine Tiller with Roller

Used with the TB504 Tractor

Photo of S-Tine Tiller with Roller
S-Tine Tiller with Roller
Number of Tines 21
Total Width 2000mm
Working Depth 50-100mm
Depth of Control Wheels No
Working Width 2000mm
Space between Lines 100mm
Sweep Size 100mm
Required Power 35-40kW
Roller/Crumbler Standard

The machine is mounted on the tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three-point linkage system, for easy transport. These tillers are secondary soil tillage machines developed for light cultivation, weed control and seedbed preparation. The machines aerate and loosens the upper layer of the soil. The optimum working depth is between 50mm to 100mm at a speed of 8-12km/hr. The 2m Tiller comes standard with a roller/crumbler.